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Featherstone Awarded Steward of the 2020 Festival

Steward of the 2020 Festival

Steward of the 2020 Festival

I would like to personally thank the Brethren of Featherstone Lodge who have already made a commitment to the 2020 Festival for their contributions. Having pledged more than £9,100 Featherstone Lodge has been awarded the honorific “Steward of the 2020 Festival”. This entitles us to claim a grant from the Middlesex Province Relief Fund (MPRF) for £200 to a to a Middlesex charity or good cause of our choosing.

Select a Middlesex Good Cause

At our next meeting in June I would be grateful if Brethren would propose ideas for any Middlesex charities and good causes for our donation if £200 pounds so we can debate a worthy recipient.

MPRF 2020 Awards

The Middlesex Province Relief Fund recognises that every Lodge and Chapter are fully committed to The 2020 Festival over the next five years and as a result the local charities and good causes that we would normally support will receive fewer donations.

The MPRF has, therefore, set aside over £300,000 to be available to Lodges and Chapters throughout the 5 years of the Festival to support local Middlesex charities and good causes that they would normally support. As each Lodge and Chapter reaches an honorific level for its donations to The 2020 Festival, it should apply for a cheque from the MPRF payable to the local Middlesex charity or good cause it would like to support.

For each of the honorific amounts the MPRF will donate on our behalf the following designated amounts:-

Steward: £200
Vice Patron: a further £200
Patron: a further £200
Grand Patron: a further £400

Therefore, potentially we could receive a maximum amount of £1000 over the Festival.

The following page details the amounts that Featherstone need to contribute to achieve various honorific levels. This page on the 2020 website details how you can make a contribution.

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