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Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge update

The Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge was successfully completed over the weekend.
A huge congratulations to the Featherstone Lodge team and their team leader Worshipful Brother Campbell Caraher for their tremendous achievement!
A detailed report (with photos) will appear here shortly, in the meantime the work of meeting our target of £1000 to support the Prostate Cancer Research Centre goes on.
Many, many thanks to those who have donated so far and the same goes for those who are about to donate! Here’s the link once more for those who still want to donate.


Ladies Festival Weekend 2017

Oxford Spires

This year the Master and his lady are holding their Ladies Festival at the Oxford Spires Four Pillars Hotel over the weekend of the 11th & 12th March starting with an informal evening on Friday the 10th.

The idea behind this event is to thank the Ladies for letting their men actively participate as Freemasons and to let them attend meetings.

The Saturday evening is a formal “Black Tie” event.

Featherstone Ladies Weekend March 2017

This festival is a chance for everyone to get together with friends and family and have an enjoyable weekend in pleasant surroundings and an opportunity for everyone to dress up on the gala banquet night with live entertainment, a raffle and some fun and games.

Oxford has been chosen as a venue so as to reduce the travelling distance for our Brethren who hail from Northampton and further Northwards and the hotel is only 10 minutes away from Oxford’s pedestrianised city centre.

This event is also an ideal opportunity for those who are not Freemasons to meet members of Featherstone Lodge and see what Freemasons do for charity, whilst still having a good time in a friendly environment.

Campbell Caraher

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Midweek & Formal Meetings 2016/2017

Our informal mid-week meetings (Lodge of Instruction) are on Wednesday nights starting at 8 p.m. at the Uxbridge Masonic Centre. All are welcome.

Formal meetings are on the second Saturday in September (Installation), December, February and June.

Wednesday 7th September 2016 – Officers’ Night
Saturday 10th September 2016 – Formal Meeting

Wednesday 21st September 2016
Wednesday 12th October 2016
Wednesday 26th October 2016
Wednesday 2nd November 2016
Wednesday 23rd November 2016
Wednesday 30th November 2016
Wednesday 7th December 2016 – Officers’ Night
Saturday 10th December 2016 – Formal Meeting

Wednesday 4th January 2017
Wednesday 11th January 2017
Wednesday 18th January 2017
Wednesday 25th January 2017
Wednesday 1st February 2017
Wednesday 8th February 2017 – Officers’ Night
Saturday 11th February 2017th – Formal Meeting

Wednesday 1st March 2017
Wednesday 15th March 2017
Wednesday 5th April 2017
Wednesday 19th April 2017
Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Wednesday 17th May 2017
Thursday 1st June 2017
Wednesday 7th June 2017 – Officers’ Night
Saturday 10th June 2017th – Formal Meeting

Wednesday 14th June 2017


Steward of the 2020 Festival

Steward of the 2020 Festival

I would like to personally thank the Brethren of Featherstone Lodge who have already made a commitment to the 2020 Festival for their contributions. Having pledged more than £9,100 Featherstone Lodge has been awarded the honorific “Steward of the 2020 Festival”. This entitles us to claim a grant from the Middlesex Province Relief Fund (MPRF) for £200 to a to a Middlesex charity or good cause of our choosing.

Select a Middlesex Good Cause

At our next meeting in June I would be grateful if Brethren would propose ideas for any Middlesex charities and good causes for our donation if £200 pounds so we can debate a worthy recipient.

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Honorific levels are based on an amount per member as listed in the 2014/2015 Year Book. These are based on pledges and donations of the following amount per member:

Steward :- £350
Vice Patron :- £520
Patron £650
Grand Patron :- £780
Platinum Grand Patron :- £1,000

For Featherstone Lodge, No. 7,851 this was 26 members, which equates to:

Steward :- £9,100
Vice Patron :- £13,520
Patron :- £16,900
Grand Patron :- £20,280
Platinum Grand Patron :- £26,000

If you’ve not already done so, please see the Charity Steward (Liam Delahunty) or download a Direct Debit mandate from the 2020 Festival to start your contributions to the Festival.